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Just a brief entry to express how disappointed I am. I had my DNA test done last year at ancestry and didn’t really do anything with it because I didn’t have a current sub. They wouldn’t show how people were related to you unless you paid up.  Well, I finally succumbed and paid for a month with ancestry and thought, right, what can you tell me, expecting to be able to contact lots of new genetically-related relatives to expand the tree. Well, the vast majority of them have no tree at all, and the rest have trees full of surnames which are completely different to everyone in my tree. How on earth would you figure out how you are related? So I paid my money and got precisely nothing out of it. The very first match did have a tree and the correct surname but they’re a beginner and had little information regarding our common surname. So I won’t get anything of interest from them either except for descendants.  Talk about hugely disappointing and, I felt, a waste of money.  As a resource for normal genealogical research I dislike ancestry, preferring findmypast, so that money could’ve gone back to findmypast to fill in gaps I’ve found during the past year. Huh.

Had to vent.


I really appreciate how this site has removed charging credits for searching, or at least you can see more from the search results without paying.  That’s really helpful, and I’ve come way further lately than I have in years.

However, it’s still comparatively expensive.  I bit the bullet and paid for some credits – 40, I thought, would be enough for a while.  At six credits per view, that didn’t last long.  £10 was gone in a flash. I managed to view (and, admittedly, save) two death entries, a marriage entry and two census returns – doesn’t sound much.  On one of the census returns, the entry was over two pages so I had to pay 12 credits – hardly seems fair.  By comparison, if I’d paid £20 for a month at FindmyPast, I could have searched and viewed hundreds of entries.

I do wish they’d change their payment method.  But, of course, they won’t because they’re raking in the cash this way.  Damn them.  My Scottish research will have to wait, still.