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Halfway through this challenge, and I fear the entries will be shorter, as I have little information on many of the remaining ancestors.

For the sake of continuity, I will turn to Jean, or Jane, Wilson, who was born about 1825 in Glasgow, according to census returns.  I do not know who her parents were.  There are many options available.  Considering that one of Jean’s daughters had the middle name of Rankin, Jean’s mother might have had the surname of Rankin.  However, although there are a few Wilsons married to a Rankin between 1800 and 1809 (and I can’t find any marriages of couples with those surnames after that and before 1825), I can find no Jean or Jane as the daughter of such a union.  With a common name like Wilson, any research could be difficult.

In 1841 there are too many Jean or Jane Wilsons to be sure of finding the correct one, especially with no knowledge of the parents’ names.  Two years later she married Archibald Sutherland.

The first child born was Margaret, born on Christmas Eve, 1845.  In 1848, on 1 June, a son, John, was born, and then in 1850, George.  So, by the 1851 census the couple had three children.  On 16 August 1853, another girl, Jane, was born.  Then, tragically, in 1855, Margaret died.  I found her death listed in the Ayrshire archives #549:

SUTHERLAND, Margaret, female, 9.5 years old, born 18 Parkhouse Lane, Glasgow, 4 years in Glasgow.  Parents: Archibald SUTHERLAND, tailor (journeyman) and Jane SUTHERLAND nee WILSON. Died April 19, 1855 at 148 Drygate Street, Glasgow of Gastric Fever with Anasarca – ill 12 weeks as cert by John McKim, MD. Buried Necropolis, Glasgow as cert by Robert McIntyre, undertaker. Signed John SUTHERLAND, his X mark, grandfather.

I’m not sure what they mean by four years in Glasgow.  Perhaps the parents had just moved to Glasgow, although they were there in 1851 and in 1843, and both were born there.  Perhaps it was just a standard entry after a certain time…?

Three years later, on 27 February, 1858, Elizabeth Rankin was born.  She appears to be the only one with a middle name.  Finally, in 1859, 6 December, Christina was born.

However, in the 1861 census only John, George, Jane and Christina are listed.  Elizabeth died in the interim, and according to scotlandspeople, she died the same year she was born.

As mentioned in the previous post, Jane’s husband died in 1861, leaving Jane with four children between the ages of 2 and 13.

In 1871, Jane was living at the same address as in 1861 – 4 Weaver Street.  She is listed in the census return as a “winder”, still attached to the textile industry.  With her are George, age 20, and Christina, age 11.  I don’t know what happened to Jane.  She would have been about 18 and possibly working elsewhere, or she may have died.  John would have been 23 and may have married.

That’s all I have for Jane. I haven’t found her in the 1881 or 1891 census returns.  She may well  have died, in which case she died young also.  I have some research to do when I get some scotlandspeople credits.

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