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Georgina Pattulo was born in Edinburgh in about 1829 (according to census returns).  Unfortunately, I cannot find her birth record despite trying various spellings of the name.  She was the daughter of George Pattulo, a farmer, and Eliza Weir.  Nor can I find her on the 1841 census.

In 1851, she was boarding with the Allison family at Old Physic gardens in Edinburgh.  Her occupation was a house servant, age 20.  Evidently, she and the eldest son of the family, George, age 18, got on very well (they later married).

It appears that Georgina gave birth to a girl in 1853 – Mary Cook Allison.  I have been unable to find the birth of that girl with either surname.  Georgina and George (a plumber) married on 22 April 1855.

A year later, in April, Janet Simpson Allison was born. Two years later on 14 April 1858, Agnes Hay Allison was born.  Then a son, George, was born on  6 December 1859 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, so obviously the family moved, for what reason I don’t know (and will probably never know).

In 1861 the family were living at 9 William Street in Glasgow, with a 21-year-old boarder, John Muir.

Four more children were born before the next census: Eliza Weir, 13 January 1862; Georgina, 2 January 1864; James MacPherson, 15 April 1866; and lastly, Elizabeth, born about 1870, all in Glasgow.  I would love to know where the surnames of Cook, Hay, and MacPherson came from.

In 1871 the family were still living at 9 William Street.  The names of two children are missing: Agnes and the youngest, Elizabeth.  It appears that Agnes died the same year as her birth (yet to be confirmed) and Elizabeth may also have died the same year she was born (if her second name was Marsh).  Mary and Jessie (18 and 14) were working as callender workers and George (11) was a baker’s messenger boy.

The eldest child, Mary, married John Traquair Cowie on 1 December 1873.

Sadly, Georgina died on 17 November 1874, at age 45, from what looks like “disease of the brain”, which could be anything.

As for the children, the boys, George and James, were living with their sister, Jessie, and her family in 1881.  I have no further information on them. Georgina married Alexander Brown in 1888 (and may have worked as a servant in Eglinton Street in 1881).  From the period 1874 to 1881 I have no idea.


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