I ordered the will of my great-grandfather, William Darlington Asher, who died in 1930. It reads as expected, leaving his daughters £100 each and his brother £50. Then to a Miss Edwards £30, who may have well have acted as a domestic servant. What I did not expect, though, was that he left his house, furniture and £50 to a Mrs Gertrude Annie Lofthouse. And then a very short sentence, leaving the remainder of his property to his wife (not even mentioning her name), but there is no mention of what that might have been.

Who on earth is Gertrude Annie Lofthouse? Apparently she married a Stuart Lofthouse in Chorlton, Lancashire in 1919, her maiden name Clark. I have found no other information on her. I need a 1921 census. The 1939 register comes too late.

I feel aggrieved on Kate’s behalf. Why did this woman get the house and furniture and £50? Did that mean that Kate was turfed out of her home or did they have another property? Living with William D at the time of his death was a Bryce Eglington Ross, one of the executors. What’s going on?

He also asked that his executors destroy all his private papers as soon as possible after his death. Wow.

I have so many questions…

Thinking later, maybe she was a live-in carer if he was ill with cancer? Who knows. It still seems unfair to Kate.