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I  happened upon a link (on Facebook) to websites to look for books or PDFs of family or county histories. Included amongst them was a link to familysearch’s books. I idly searched for Cornelius (only because it is an unusual surname). I found a PDF of over 100 pages long (“History of the Cornelius family in England : starting from the past to the present of the Cornelius line”) of a researcher’s attempts in about 2003 to follow the line down on several branches! She was very thorough, looking at alternatives and eliminating some based on sound evidence.

It confirmed my belief that the “We’re related” app was wrong in the parentage of an ancestor, thereby linking me to several different “famous” Americans.

So today I have been reading this amazing document and making notes on my tree, searching on Cornwall OPC and Findmypast (currently subscribed to for a short time) to confirm. The author included snippets from actual microfilmed documents so there’s no arguing the authenticity.

I haven’t even begun to search for other documents out there. It will be interesting if there is anything else on one of my branches.