So, I was checking baptism records of the siblings of Catherine Jones and noticed I didn’t have the marriage of her sister Elizabeth to Thomas Mansell.  Also there were no children listed.  I had searched for the marriage before, I think, and not found any.

I checked the census record for 1851 in which Catherine is visiting her sister.  Three daughters of Elizabeth (Mansell) were listed but with the surname of Smith.  Aha!  Had she married a Mr Smith first?  Smith and Jones are common names so I wasn’t sure when or where the marriage could’ve taken place.  I searched for the birth or baptism of the eldest daughter and found her parents were Elizabeth and Samuel Smith in Hopton Castle, Shropshire.  So I then narrowed the search of the marriage and estimated when it could’ve taken place.  I finally found her marriage to Samuel Steedman Smith, and to confirm it, found a notice in the newspaper. He had obviously died some time before the 1851 census in order for her to remarry.  I found his death for 1849, so that meant she must’ve married Thomas Mansell between 1849 and 1851.  I finally found the registration for 1851!  Thomas also died early – before the 1861 census.

Another successful search resulted in a photo and illustration.  I hadn’t noticed before, or hadn’t specifically tried it, but Welsh newspapers online had an illustration search.  I didn’t expect any results but was surprised to find a line drawing of John Asher and, even better, a photograph of his son, John Darlington Asher.  Fantastic.  It’s an amazing feeling to finally see what a distant ancestor looked like.