I saw that scotlandspeople had 20 free credits.  This time I was more organised and searched for specific things.  I had enough credits for three searches.

The first was for the death of Archibald Sutherland.  I chose him, as his name is more unusual than John or George.  He died before the 1871 census but was listed in the 1861 census so he died between those times.  I found one for December 1861 which listed his father as John (deceased) and Margaret Fisher.  Hmm.  Pause for thought here.  I had the mother as Mary Mathay.  Younger idiot self had not noted where I found that information.  A search in my paper files revealed that I got the information from the IGI.  Evidently it was the only birth I could find for Archibald Sutherland.  Ironically I can’t find that same info on familysearch today.  My tree needs amending.  The informant was Archibald’s wife, Jane.

Having found that, I searched for John Sutherland’s marriage to Margaret Fisher and found that for 1820.  Unfortunately, there’s no information about their parents.

I had enough credits for one more search.  A search for the death of Jane Sutherland resulted in 5 pages of results (so 5 credits), so instead I searched for the birth of Jessie Allison in Perth.  One result for Janet Allison.  I had a look and the parents were the same as what I had.  Janet at birth, but evidently known as Jessie.  1856 corresponded with my estimate of 1857.  Result.  That left me with one credit.  I will have to wait until the next freebies.

Good result.  Slowly, with any luck, I will be able to knock off a few gaps, little by little.