I joined the Guild of One Name Studies as there were about eight surnames I have in my tree that were registered surnames there and I thought it worth searching what they had (not that much, it turns out).  One of the names was Facey.  The only ancestor I have with that name is Hono(u)r Facey, who used her surname as the middle name of a paternal ancestor.  I didn’t have much information on her (just her marriage in Devon).  I hadn’t found her baptism or death on previous searches at findmypast.  Today I decided just to do a simple Google search and her name was mentioned in a detailed account of the Rye family.

Well, it turns out that a George Hubert Rye married Emmeline Escott (various spellings) Stevens, daughter of Andrew Stevens and Honor Facey.  I did not have Emmeline on my tree, so that was a bonus.  The website had details about George as a naval man, working on various ships, being involved with battles against the Dutch, slaver ships, and he shot a man in a “smuggling affray”.  Fascinating stuff!  George was one of many children born in Suffolk (and a detailed family history was given).  Emmeline died after giving birth to six or seven children and George married her sister, Gertrude (who was on my tree).  Six sons were listed, one of them marrying the daughter of George Daniel.

I headed over to findmypast and found the marriage of George to Emmeline in 1814, and also to Gertrude in 1831.  So Emmeline had died before 1831.  This gave me something to go on.  I found her death in 1824 in the same month as her two-day old daughter.  Presumably she died in childbirth or shortly after.  Sad.  Her birth date was estimated as 1796, so then I could find her baptism, which I did for 1795 in Illogan, Cornwall.

All this info and time spent, after what was supposed to be a short and simple search in the Guild of One Name Studies, which didn’t, of course, have anything on Honor Facey.