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I haven’t achieved much since the last post.

I’ve been making spreadsheets.  One of them is a summary of what I have in the way of birth, death and marriage certs and census returns.  I can tell at a glance what I need to follow up with.  Another is a timeline from the 17th century to the 20th, which is rather interesting, comparing families and national (British) events.  The third is an ancestor chart showing direct links only.  I designed it to give to my brother at Christmas.  I hope he finds it useful or interesting.

I came across a transcript of a shipboard diary written in 1861 of a traveller journeying from London to Auckland.  I found it very interesting.  It got me to thinking of my two ancestors who emigrated to Australia – one to Port Adelaide and another to Sydney.  I can’t find specific diaries for the ships they were on or the years, but I did find an interesting book called “Life and death in the age of sail: the passage to Australia” by Robin Haines.  The library had an electronic copy and I tried to download it (for a seven-day period).  However, first I had to make an account, then I had to download Adobe Digital editions, then I couldn’t get it to work.  I gave up.  Instead I found a  hard copy selling online, so purchased it.  I’d much rather have the physical book to browse through when convenient.  I read excerpts from the online version and it’s fascinating reading.  It makes me wonder how my ancestors found their voyages.  One of them lost a baby on board – how heartbreaking that must have been.