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I had not really intended to do any genealogical research, but I was sorting through my email and found emails to myself with various links to genealogical websites which I hadn’t got around to looking at.  One of these was parish records for Cornwall.

I realised that I didn’t have any census returns for my Stevens family.  Edwin and his wife emigrated to Australia in 1854, so I thought I could expect to find them in 1841 and 1851 census returns.  I had a look on ancestry and tried various spellings.  It took me ages, but I finally found Edwin and family in 1851 in Redruth, Cornwall.  His mother was by then a widow.

I was unable to find an 1841 census return for the family.

I again searched various spellings on the Cornwall parish record website and found a burial for Edwin’s father, George, in 1844.  It confirmed his middle name as Facey, and his occupation as parish clerk.  He was 54 at the time of death, so an earlier time of 1790 for his birth (to one I had noted of about 1797 from another researcher).

Two small successes.

I continued searching for family members at the Cornwall OPR database website and found confirmations of dates I already had.  I went back as far as I could and found out that John Stevens was mayor in St Ives in 1744.  I wrote to the St Ives archives who have a list of mayors asking to confirm.  I then searched for the baptism record of John Stevens in St Ives and found a Mr Vivian Stevens (Vivian is a name that crops up often in the family).  Somehow I did a general internet search for Vivian Stevens and 1717 and found a family tree.  This tree listed details of one of my Stevens and so I could confirm it was the same family.  This tree went back to 1657 in Towednack, Cornwall!  Awesome!

Very, very pleased with the progress.