You are currently browsing the monthly archive for April 2013. have changed their website and I’m not sure I like it.  It’s not intuitive, and you have to look all over the page to see the search button.  Pages are slower to load as well.

They seem to want people to sign up and start a tree and add photos.  I was reluctant at first but decided, in the end, that I would.  I thought it would make for easier searching, but no.  It forces you to enter some details twice, as well.  While entering details about one ancestor, including parents and spouse, you then get to the tree to find you have to enter parents and spouse again.  What a pain in the proverbial.

I did,  however, find some details on the Scottish side with a possible birth date and place for John Sutherland (taken from another member’s tree).  However, when I try to search for confirmation of those details, I can’t find any.  This is a common problem when trying to verify details on others’ trees.

I found another tree for Elizabeth Cornelius with details going back to 1700 and on various linked families to 1640.  Fascinating stuff if correct – all apparently based in Redruth, Cornwall.

Finally, I found some descendants of some Grunsells, but could not add these to my tribalpages website as it’s playing up, showing just a blank page – very frustrating.

I do like the fact that you can get proper birth or marriage details at familysearch (when you can find an entry), rather than just an index.  This is totally useless when the index lists only one name and a vague date.  There’s no way of verifying if it’s the right one if you can’t enter a spouse or parent’s name.  There are several Richard Jones dying in 1864 in Shropshire, for example.  There’s no way I can purchase death certificates for all of them – really stupid.

Anyway, very time-consuming, and I don’t really feel I’ve achieved much.

There are no more useful ‘tips’ on, so it’s just as well I’m cancelling the sub, but where to now?


I had meant to update before now on the searching I’ve done recently, but I forgot and have now forgotten the specifics.

I ordered and paid for the death certificate of Christopher Dart, an ancestor on my father’s maternal line.  He was a Cornish miner, and died in 1837 of consumption, a common thing for miners.  He left a widow and several young children.

While briefly going through some files, I discovered I did not have the birth or marriage certificate of my maternal grandfather, surprisingly.  I rectified that.  They didn’t give me any new information but it was important to have.

I have cancelled my sub which expires next month.  I’ll give it a break for a while then sign up again to the Australian site to fill in some gaps on the Aussie side.