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I found a whole list online of Grunsell descendants in Australia, so I’ve duly filled those out on the online tree.  It took hours.

I saw a TV programme last night about Tony Robinson in Australia and he was talking about the gold rush from 1851 in Victoria.  I thought about the Stevens family, Edwin in particular, a miner, who emigrated from Cornwall.  As I wasn’t at home, I couldn’t check my files but I looked at my online tree and did not have details about when he and his wife migrated.  One of their children was born in Beechworth, Victoria in 1857 so it had to be before then.  I felt sure I had the details but didn’t have them on the tree.  Tut tut.

I went searching, initially in passenger lists (for NSW and Victoria), without success.  I then found a forum and someone’s wife’s great grandmother was Elizabeth Stevens of the same family.  They emigrated from Portsmouth on 6 March 1854 on the ship Trafalgar and landed at Port Adelaide on 28 June 1854.  No wonder I couldn’t find the passenger list – they came to South Australia.  Elizabeth, their daughter, was born at Spring Creek Beechworth on 16 January 1855.  Success!

I wish I had the time (and more inclination) to sort out my files and go through them systematically.