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I logged into ancestry and was looking at one of my Rose ancestors, when I noticed that another researcher had the dates of death and marriage.  I verified the date of marriage and added it, wondering why I didn’t have this before.  I also found a death notice in the Sydney Morning Herald for Mary Kate (and John Edward), so verified that date as well.  I looked up the 1911 census for them both.

One of the researchers had added two extra children to a Rose couple, which I knew was wrong.  I discovered they’d got this information from the census.  The entry for Rose included a Reeve visitor and then two children under that.  The researcher (and indeed ancestry) took them to be children of the Rose household and not the children of the Reeve visitor.  Another census return search revealed those children were indeed Reeve and not Rose.

While at the newspaper archive site, I searched for Kercher and found a few results in the Sydney Morning Herald, but was also happy to see that they will be adding material from the Goulburn papers soon.