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It seems I do something genealogy-related twice a year, judging by posts to this blog.  Obviously I missed the June instalment.

Last night I logged into and followed suggested hints and found I already had the information on the Matthew Darlingtons and family and had saved the census returns.

I did discover, however, via the 1911 census, that my great-grandfather, William Darlington Asher, had had two other siblings apart from his twin brother.  The census stated that the other two children were dead by 1911.  I will have to follow this up if I can.*

I only logged into the site about 9.30pm and when next looking at the clock discovered it was 11pm.  Very time consuming and I need to go back, so will try again tonight.


*Just had a try at finding these children.  They do not appear in any census returns so they must have died young but I can find no birth or death records in the likely time period of 1860-1870.  Bugger.