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I visited today and started looking at the hints, etc.  I looked at census returns for Richard Jones and saved a couple, learning the approximate birth date of three children.  I compared trees with others.  I know the death dates of Richard and Anne by the memorial cards I have.  I tried looking for them but couldn’t, and got worried.  They were not in the plastic sleeve of the relevant family folder.  Later in the day, after searching everywhere, I had another concerted look in the bag of ringbinders and found the envelope in a buff folder!  I was so relieved!  Anyway, one of the family trees I saw had Richard’s date of birth about 20-30 years after mine but I know mine is right.  The date for his wife was right but it made her about 17 years older than him so they had hold of the wrong Richard.

It’s so time-consuming looking at everything and then trying to piece together a life story.  I thought I had started biographies on my netbook but when I went to add some information I got from my cousins about my grandmother, there was nothing!  I distinctly remembered typing it all out but it wasn’t there.  I must have done that on the old laptop.  It’s possible I have the info on a flash drive – must check.

Once the computer was free again I visited Ancestry again and found a message from a cousin’s offspring (not sure if they’re male or female) saying that his grandmother, my aunt, died in August last year.  So sad.  She was a lovely lady, the first wife of my uncle who I only found out last year had died in 2008.

I’m adding details to my online family tree but that leaves all the paperwork out of date.  It’s easier to update an online tree but I must keep the paperwork up to date.  I also discovered I do not have the wedding certificate of my paternal grandparents.   Must get a copy off my cousin.

I went through the loose photos from two separate boxes and sorted them into families and eras.  There are a few duplicates (and even triplicates in some cases).  Unfortunately, as my scanner no longer works thanks to no driver for Windows 7 64 bit, I can’t scan any.  It looks like I’ll have to buy a new scanner.  I’ve tried taking photos of photos but they don’t come out as well.


I have done precisely zero research or organising of notes since my holiday last year.  What a complete waste of subscription to as well.

Last weekend I visited my brother who said he had more photos and other archives to give me.  Yesterday I went through and had a look.  In a box were several notebooks, some of which were filled with academic notes on philosophy written by my father, but others appear, at first glance, to be a type of autobiography or biographical novel.  I shall have to read it when I have more time – treat it as a novel once I have finished with my current one.

There was also a box of sympathy cards and letters for my father after he died in December 1984.  I went through the cards and kept only those from people I knew or from work colleagues.  The rest I recycled after counting that there were about 25 of them.  I don’t remember having seen a lot of them but then I would’ve been too upset at the time to read them properly.  There were insurance papers, legal letters and a couple of copies of the will.  I also found a letter from Christie hospital in Manchester which was a response to a complaint my mother must have made about treatment leading up to the death of my grandmother.  It appears she had pneumonia and refused to be admitted.  That I can believe, as my grandmother stubbornly continued on regardless of health.  In the letter the doctor mentioned that my grandmother was worried about her chest as her father died of lung cancer.  This I did not know.  I love these little casual snippets of information happened upon which are so useful.  (So that’s my mother, grandmother and great-grandfather on one branch of the family alone suffering from cancer.  I hope not to be the next!).

Amongst the photos were some of my grandmother which I had never seen before and I suspect that my brother got them from my mother’s cousin in England when he last saw her.  Alas, she’s dead now, but I’m so pleased that she gave these photos to him.  Two were of my grandmother as a baby and child.  I had never seen any of her as a child.  There were also photos of her wedding.  I had never seen my grandmother’s wedding photos either.  They were not the traditional church step photos.  My grandmother refused to get married in a church.  They were married at Maiden Hall and although I knew this and had a photo of the hall itself, I had never seen photos of the bride and groom.

Alas, my scanner no longer works because there is no driver for Windows 7 64 bit (blast them) so I can no longer scan old photos.  At some stage I think I’ll have to buy a new one, which really pisses me off as my old one worked perfectly fine but of course these corporations want you to buy new stuff not have to develop software for old stuff.   Bastards.  The last year and a half have been very expensive so I’m not wanting to spend money unless absolutely necessary.  Things like scanners will have to wait (unless I happen to come across a reasonably priced one).

I have not done anything about the compilation of biographies either.  I had my netbook specifically for this but the November Novel Writing month got in the way and I used the netbook for that every day and forgot completely about the biographies.  H used the netbook occasionally so often I didn’t even see it.  Now, there’s no excuse, apart from having to do things like paint rooms.  So much to do and read and so little time.  I’ll have to organise my time way better.

I’ll have to sort the numerous loose photos.  There are newer ones mixed in with older ones and some from one branch of the family mixed in with others.  Yes,  will have to do that…

In the meantime there are the Aussie cousins to see tomorrow…