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Distant cousin, the old lady who rings me up occasionally, sent me an A4 sized wad of notes she has on the Rose family.

By golly.  I thought some of my notes were difficult to decipher.  It will take several attempts to figure out what’s in it and who’s related to who.  Naturally she has included much information about her own branch which I will have to slot into the family tree both online and off.  She also included a photocopied page of pictures of the mills my ancestors owned and a copy of a probate for John Rose.  There are numerous little slips of other information but, as I say, it will take me some time to sort through them all and decipher the handwriting.

I now have all census returns for the direct line plus a couple of additional census returns for my great-grandfather’s sisters.

I will be away for the next month so will have no time to do any further research.  I haven’t done anything on ancestry for about 3 weeks (ever since the tree displayed in a ridiculously tiny font which I tried, without success, to fix).

When I return I will continue to compile mini biographies of all the ancestors for which I have a decent amount of information.