I really must stop searching records on impulse.  The trouble is, I have temporarily mislaid my search log so couldn’t recall what I’d last searched for exactly.

I tried initially to search immigration records for the 1920s for when my grandfather and his family moved to Australia.  No luck.

I then went on a different tack entirely and did a bit of searching on the Stevens line in Cornwall until I realised I’d already done a bit of searching on them.  Ditto for Dart which I didn’t really search much.

From Dart to Darlington and I did a search for Elizabeth Darlington of Cheshire.  Previously she’d just turned up on searches for her husband with the surname of Asher.  I searched for her in census returns.  I was delighted to find her parents and herself with eight siblings!  Yay!  Her father was born around 1809 but I can’t get further back than that, unfortunately.  I thought the discovery might lead me to further finds, but no.  Never mind, I’ve now fleshed out her family.

I might go back to the Dart family next.  But first, I must look for my search log notebook and note down what I did.  I also need to buy more paper to note down discoveries.  I have updated my online family trees though.  I do like having stuff down on paper though not only for future reference, but also to help sort things out in my head.