A friend recently lent me series 3 of the Australian “Who do you think you are?”  After watching the first two episodes, I thought about World War One service records and realised I didn’t have any for my maternal grandfather.

I searched online and, of course, was directed to Ancestry.co.uk.  I searched anyway and a result came up for him.  Clicking on it took me to the subscription page.  I looked at it, considered it, worked out the exchange rate, and took the plunge.  I have 14 days free trial after which I will probably pay up and continue using it.  It’s so convenient to search from home.  I never get to the library during its opening hours and often people are using the computer from which you can access Ancestry.com.  Besides which, the desk on which the computer is perched has no room to spread out my notes.

I must ensure that I make good use of it.  It’s a great pity that it doesn’t include the records for Scotland.  Perhaps next year.