I won’t be renewing my sub to the NZGS.  I also don’t think I’ll renew my sub to the Hampshire Family History Society (which I joined last year).  There’s really no point unless you’re in the country.  You have to be there for anything useful and that includes the NZ society too.  The library’s in Auckland and all the events seem to happen there.  I”m not getting anything out of it at all.

My sub to the website I mentioned is expiring in a week.  I won’t be renewing that either.  I found it frustrating and I didn’t bother going back to  use up all my credits (of which I had quite a bit).  A waste of money for the whole lot.

I received a phone call last night from an old lady in England.  We’d last corresponded about the Asher family in 2000!  She rang in the hope I still lived here.  It was 10pm so she said she’d ring the next morning (for me) as she had some information about a fellow researcher and I think she mentioned my cousin’s name!  I’ve lost touch with that side of the family – my mother’s side.  After she died, her brother and his kids never bothered to keep in touch.  Now, obviously, one of the kids is interested in the family tree.  She sent me an email a couple of years ago which I replied to but to which she never responded.  It’ll be weird to get in touch again through a virtual stranger in England!

A year or two ago I came across a death notice for this cousin’s father (my uncle) – at least I think it might have been.  I thought I might have written it down somewhere, but do you think I can find it or even search online again? No.  I seem to have mislaid my pad of notes – just great – even more unorganised than usual.  That’s the problem with having a surge of activity surrounding research, then put it down thinking you’ll come back to it and over a year later, you can’t find where you put it.  I”m not impressed with myself.  How careless!

So, currently waiting for this phone call and hopefully get details about my cousin.  I’m ashamed to say I have no details about her or her sister or mother in my tree.  My mother did die over 30 years ago and with no contact, it’s easy to forget.