Well old lady from England didn’t ring until 11.15am.  I didn’t get any clear information from her rambling but I did get my cousin’s email address.

While I was waiting for her phone call I thought I might as well use some credits on thegenealogist.co.uk.  Looking up births, deaths or marriages was a complete waste of time.  It cost one credit to look up a possible but there was no information to help to confirm it was the right person.  For example my Elizabeth Darlington could’ve been married in Nantwich, Warrington or Salford.  How was I to know?  There was no information about the spouse.

So I turned to census returns which were way more useful.

Since the the old lady had mentioned Asher, I decided to look  up the census returns for Asher from 1841 to 1901.  I checked which I already had and did some others with good results.  Then I decided to save the PDF file of the actual entries of all of them, using up a fair number of credits.

I tried the same for Powell with limited results and again saved the PDFs of the certainties.

It was my deceased maternal grandmother who had got me onto this family research.  I still have the handwritten tree she’d written out for her mother’s side of the family.  Her grandmother was married to Richard Powell and his parents, according to her notes, were Edward and Ann Powell.  However, last year another researcher gave me a family tree saying that Richard’s parents were Richard and Martha.  I noted down the details (somewhere – it’s probably in the pad I’ve mislaid!) but didn’t want to believe her.

So I did a search for Richard Powells in the census returns and found the family of the one the researcher mentioned.  A later census which included my grandmother’s mother and the aunts and uncles had Richard as born in Lydham, Shropshire.  Unfortunately, the earlier one which included Martha and Richard had the son born in Lydham, Shropshire so it definitely looked like the same one.  Dammit.  I wanted my grandmother to be right.

I did find an Edward and Ann Powell but there was no sign of Richard and the only sibling my grandmother had written was William and there was no mention of him in the census either.  They were old enough to be lodgers elsewhere, but that doesn’t help.  Dammit!

Anyway, nothing like a prod from a fellow researcher, as well as a fast-approaching expiry to get me working on the family history.