So two updates which didn’t involve any research on my part really.

I received the death certificate of my grandmother, which for some reason, I hadn’t got before (I have all the other grandparents’ death certificates). I particularly wanted hers because I wasn’t sure of the date. My great aunt had had a headstone made some years after the death and had put 2nd November (which happens to be my birth date) but I knew it couldn’t have been that because I have a sympathy letter addressed to my mother dated 1st November. I figured, allowing for the post, that the death was probably on 31st October. The death certificate, however, said 1st November. So that’s one mystery solved.

Today I received a message via Facebook from a distant relative in Australia. He told me he’d found reference to a probable relative involved in the agricultural riots of the 1830s. Exciting stuff. The first name doesn’t ring a bell on my particular tree but as it took place very close to the ancestral village, I imagine he is related somehow.

Also exciting is that my cousin on the Scottish grandmother side, has a subscription to Scotland’s people which has a monopoly of all the Scottish records and has offered to give me log-in details to use before the sub expires as she doesn’t have time to use it. Brilliant! I’ll have to put aside time especially to do as much as I possibly can in the short time period.

All for now…