I found something useful on thegenealogist.co.uk.

I found Edwin Stevens in the 1841 census in Redruth, Cornwall.  He was 13 and lived with his parents and 9 siblings.  His father was a parish clerk (I knew that) and an older brother was a copper miner.  I knew there were several miners in the family – it’s what took them to Australia.

I also found the family of Edwin’s wife, Elizabeth Dart.  They too were living in Redruth.  Elizabeth was just 6 years old and it appears her father was dead by 1841.  She, her older brother, and her mother appear to live with an uncle, Martin Cornelius (Elizabeth’s mother was Elizabeth Cornelius).  Martin was a mason.

I found nothing for Edwin Stevens in 1851.  He and his wife didn’t move to Australia until 1855 so they were somewhere, perhaps not in Cornwall.  I can’t trust the records completely.  I know for certain that another family member, Joseph Beal, was in the 1851 census and yet there were no results for him.  So no results doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not there, which is a pain in the arse.  It may be because of transcription errors.  I found two such errors.  Vivian Stevens, a boy, was transcribed as Lavinea.  Betsy Dart was transcribed as Besay.  It pays to look at the original even though it costs extra credits!

Anyway, that’s all I have time for today.  It’s more encouraging actually having found something.